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Teeth are resilient and aren’t damaged easily but sometimes they can develop cracks and the edges may get chipped.  The damage can compromise the beauty of your smile as well as the integrity of your teeth. At Dentalopolis, we can restore your tooth’s appearance by placing a dental crown over it, so you can smile freely once again.

What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are caps made of porcelain or ceramic. They’re placed on the natural tooth and help restore its appearance.  The entire tooth doesn’t have to be removed; only the damaged portion would have to be replaced. These caps are permanent and will last for several years if you maintain them well.

When Do You Need Dental Crowns?

  • Large Filling – Large fillings weaken the structure of the tooth and make it more vulnerable to damage. In such cases, the best way to protect the natural tooth is to place a dental crown over it. The crown will protect the tooth from further damage and help maintain the integrity of the socket and root.
  • Root Canal – Like a large filling, the root canal also weakens the structure of the tooth. Dentists will remove the top portion of your tooth to access the nerve underneath and remove it. They will apply a dental crown over the exposed root to protect it and rebuild its structure.
  • Cracked or Chipped Teeth – Cracked or chipped teeth are weak and more vulnerable to decay and infections. They also look unsightly and can compromise the beauty of your smile. Dental crowns are the best way to protect your teeth and restore its appearance.
  • Broken Teeth – If the cusp and root is intact, you don’t need to extract the tooth and add implants. You can simply place a dental crown over the root and the remainder of the tooth.
  • Excessive Wear – If you are in the habit of grinding your teeth, consuming acidic food items, or have health problems like GERD and bulimia, your teeth will face a considerable amount of wear and tear. These problems can remove the enamel on your teeth and make them more vulnerable to decay. Dental crowns will protect worn down teeth and minimize the damage.
  • Cosmetic – Dental crowns can also be used for cosmetic purposes. These caps can add structure and mass to uneven or short teeth and improve the appearance of your smile.

If your teeth have sustained damage or if you have considerable tooth decay, we encourage you to call us today. At Dentalopolis, we provide a combination of excellent care in a comfortable and luxurious environment. You will feel relaxed and receive the best dental treatment possible.


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